why to choose JW marriott tarabya?
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The JW Marriott Tarabya residential project in Istanbul, Turkey is one of 9 in the whole world and is the first in Europe and the Middle East.

It is located in the ancient Tarabya area in the European side of Istanbul, facing the Bosphorus Strait on one side and the extended forests of Belgrade on the other side.

When you own a property in this project, you will obtain elite membership from the Jw Marriott group around the world and benefit from its various benefits.

We will talk in detail about this membership and the JW Marriott Group at the end of this article, and we will now start talking about the distinctive specifications of this project.



When you choose JW Marriott Tarabya, you get a property in 1 out of 9 residential projects in the whole world.

These nine projects are:

JW Marriott Residences Clearwater Beach

JW Marriott Residences Jeju

JW Marriott Residences Reston Station

JW Marriott Residences Panglao Island

JW Marriott Residences Al Marjan Island

JW Marriott Residences Grand Marina Saigon

JW Marriott Residences Colombo, Sri Lanka

JW Marriott Residences New Cairo, Al Jazi First

JW Marriott Residences Tarabya İstanbul

Although there are more than 100 hotels in the JW Marriott group, they only have 9 residential projects, and the Istanbul project is one of them. Here we are talking about the highest levels of uniqueness, not only in the same city or the same country, but on a global level.


2-Technical specifications

  • Parallel concrete foundations were used from beginning to end to distribute the load smoothly and evenly on the ground

  • An evenly solid land was chosen to build the project on.

  • The types of cement used are C35 and C40


C35: This class of concrete, whose cement to sand ratio is halved, is generally used in building exterior walls and structural piles. Buildings made of C35 concrete are among the buildings with the highest resistance to earthquakes and other natural disasters.

C40: It can resist chemical corrosion; It is used in structures exposed to chemicals, in situations where concrete and rebar must be protected, in concrete slab joints and foundation walls, in the repair of bridge slabs, and in the construction of foundations and bridges for roads.

+Fire-resistant and sound-proof pink plasterboard was used to ensure

the highest levels of insulation and safety.

  • Moisture and water resistant green plasterboard was used.

  • The common walls between the apartments were insulated with the help of sound consultants to ensure they are soundproof.

  • Double walls, double plasterboard, sound insulation and rock wool will be used in the partition walls connecting the corridors and apartments.

  • The exterior facade was manufactured by şişecam company specifically for the project, and is soundproof.


3-Surrounding services


İstanbul Teknik University 9 minutes

Enka Okulları 10 minutes

Beykent University 12 minutes

Nişantaşı University 14 minutes

Koç University 16 minutes



Acıbadem Maslak Hastanesi 5 minutes

Liv Hospital Sarıyer 13 minutes



Hacıosman Metro İstasyonu 2 minutes

Darüşşafaka Metro İstasyonu 4 min

15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü 24 minutes

İstanbul Havalimanı 40 minutes


Shopping malls:

İstinye Park Alışveriş Merkezi 9 minutes

Vadistanbul Alışveriş Merkezi 14 minutes


Nearby facilities:

Atatürk Kent Ormanı 3 minutes

Bebek Sahil 18 minutes

Uniq Istanbul 19 minutes


4-the location

Located in Tarabya, one of Istanbul's most prestigious districts, JW Marriott Residence offers a luxurious lifestyle and a promising future for major families and prominent businessmen. These magnificent residential projects will amaze you with their unique features and visual splendour.


Combining residential and business living, JW Marriott Residence offers you a lifestyle that challenges comfort and luxury, responding to your residential and commercial needs. It offers a unique environment that helps advance your career through commercial offices housing prestigious brands and the heart of the business.


The JW Marriott Residence is not just a place to stay, but also a premium lifestyle. This amazing project merges with the unique nature of Tarabya and carries the scent of the sea, transforming into a living space that fulfills your dreams. It's time to enjoy the privileges of high life and a promising future with JW Marriott Residence Tarabya, where you will be the center of attention...


The pinnacle of exceptional and comfort

JW Marriott Residence Tarabya redefines the concept of luxury living with its eye-catching design and iconic rose gold visual concept.

This wonderful residential project in Istanbul will captivate you with its superior features and visual splendour.

Istanbul is now breathtaking from all sides...

JW Marriott Residence opens the doors to quality living with 216 modernly designed residential apartments. Tastefully designed private apartments provide you and your family with a space to collect happy memories and live in a peaceful and comfortable environment. The spacious work spaces are designed with the highest level of comfort to give you a feeling of relaxation and distinction with the perfect loft apartments with endless terraces that include every detail crafted with precision and elegant design. You will feel comfortable and exceptional at JW Marriott Residence.

Among the impressive features of the JW Marriott Residence are office units with 22 separate entrances. These premium business spaces bring you together with a great business network as well as modern work environments. It offers a premium and ideal option to enter the exciting world of business and career.

The four commercial units in this unique project are designed to host prestigious brands and take your shopping experience to the top.


5-Additional benefits for residents

Facilities available to you


Marriott Apartments maintain a heritage of hospitality and offer a variety of innovative amenities to suit your luxurious lifestyle. World-class concierge service, private rest areas, local dining options, private cinemas, exquisite spa and fitness facilities, and valet services are some of the special extras that residents have access to throughout the day.


Meet your needs

Providing facilities and services is one thing, but understanding the wants and needs of residential unit owners on the ground reality is another. Marriott's lodging staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is always on hand to ensure someone truly cares about how you want to live.


Take advantage of add-ons

One of the best aspects of owning a Marriott condominium is taking advantage of the luxury lodging operator's branded benefits and having an innate understanding of how to make people feel unique. Luxurious facilities and services are available, as well as a special team that deeply understands your needs and VIP privileges at Marriott hotels around the world await owners of private residences.


Accommodation benefits

A special team that understands your needs

Global concierge services

Special rest areas

Eat at home

VIP treatment at Marriott properties around the world

Get premium status in Marriott Bonvo*

Affordable ownership and more


6-Different spaces available

This project provides wide options to suit all segments of the elite, as it starts from studios designated for offices with areas ranging from 39 square meters to 103 square meters.

Offices are divided into a room and a hall, with an area of 120 to 131 square metres

As for housing, it starts from options of one bedroom and a living room with an area of 81 square meters, up to 4 bedrooms and a living room with an area of up to 333 square meters.

There are duplex options starting from 137 square meters up to 400 square meters.

Prices vary according to the floor, view, and area. You can contact us directly to obtain a price quote for any option you want to inquire about.

What is JW Marriott Hotels?

JW Marriott is an American luxury hotel brand owned by Marriott International.

The JW Marriott brand was founded in 1984, with the first hotel opening in Washington, D.C. It was named in honor of JW Marriott. Marriott, founder of Marriott Corporation. In 1989, Hong Kong was the destination for the overseas launch. Europe and the Middle East followed in 1993. As a general guideline within the Marriott hierarchy, the brand competes in luxury below the Ritz-Carlton, but outperforms the traditional and Renaissance Marriott.


Marriott International, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that operates, franchises, and licenses lodging brands including hotels, residential properties, and timeshare properties. Marriott International owns more than 30 hotel and timeshare brands with 8,785 locations and 1,597,380 rooms across its network. Marriott International is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. The company was founded by J. Willard Marriott (1900-1985) and his wife Alice Marriott (1907-2000).


Marriott International is the world's largest hotel company by number of rooms available. It has 32 brands with 8,785 properties containing 1,597,380 rooms in 139 countries and territories. Of these 8,785 properties, 2,046 are managed but not owned by Marriott, 6,563 are owned and operated by independent hospitality companies under franchise agreements with Marriott, and 50 are both owned and managed by Marriott. The company also operates 20 hotel reservation centres.


Marriott International was founded in 1993 when Marriott split into two companies: Marriott International, which franchises and manages the properties, and Host Marriott (now known as Host Hotels & Resorts), which owns the properties.


What is Marriott elite status?

Marriott Bonvoy is the loyalty program for more than 30 Marriott brands. These brands offer approximately 8,700 properties in 139 countries and territories. And if you have Marriott Elite status, you'll enjoy benefits across the entire Marriott portfolio.


Marriott elite status can be very valuable to frequent travelers. So, here's what you should know about Marriott Bonvoy status, including the best perks and how to get them.


What is Marriott Elite Status?

Marriott Elite status gives you additional privileges when staying at Marriott hotels. Once you join Marriott Bonvoy, you become a member. But Marriott also offers five elite status levels you can earn via nights — and, for top-tier status, by spending with Marriott Bonvoy — within a single calendar year.


You'll have a full calendar year to earn elite night credits — and accumulate qualifying dollars if you want top-tier Marriott Bonvoy status. Once you achieve certain Marriott Bonvoy elite status, you will retain your status until the end of the following February. You'll also earn Marriott Annual Choice benefits once you earn 50 and 75 Elite Night credits during a calendar year.

Marriott elite status levels

Marriott Bonvoy has five levels of elite status that you can earn as follows:


Silver Elite: 10 Elite Night credits per calendar year

Gold Elite: 25 Elite Night credits per calendar year

Platinum Elite: 50 Elite Night credits per calendar year

Titanium Elite: 75 Elite Night credits per calendar year

Ambassador Elite: 100 Elite Night Credits per calendar year and at least $23,000 in eligible spending per calendar year

In addition to these levels, you can also earn lifetime elite status with Marriott Bonvoy. It is no longer possible to earn Titanium Elite status for life, but you can earn other Marriott Lifetime statuses as follows:


Lifetime Silver Elite: 250 nights and five years as a Silver Elite or higher

Lifetime Gold Elite: 400 nights and seven years as a Gold Elite or higher

Platinum Elite Lifetime: 600 nights and 10 years as Platinum Elite or higher



Valid Until 01/11/2024
Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

Istanbul| Beylikduzu district
4$ 406,000
Valid Until 01/11/2024
Special offer 1+1 apartment in Sarayier: Elevated Living at Skyland Istanbul

Special offer 1+1 apartment in Sarayier: Elevated Living at Skyland Istanbul

Istanbul| Sariyer district
6$ 490,000
Valid Until 01/09/2024
Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

Istanbul| Bakirkoy district
510$ 1,695,000