Why is 2024 the best for real estate investment in the coming years?
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The year 2024 is the year of high interest, and therefore everyone seeks to deposit their money in banks as long as interest is high, so that later when interest is reduced, they can end these deposits and liquidate them in order to enter into fixed types of investment, especially real estate.


The current high interest rate in Turkey, which has reached 50% in the Central Bank and in some private banks to 65%, seems very attractive to local and foreign investors alike. No matter how much the value of the Turkish lira decreases against foreign currencies, it is unlikely that the percentage of decline will reach the same interest rate annually, and therefore Any percentage that a foreign investor can achieve above 5.5% (the current interest rate in America) is considered an important and valuable gain.



Even for the local investor, 65% is considered a large and attractive percentage, assuming that annual inflation was also less than this percentage, which is very expected during 2025. Therefore, these deposits are considered very special opportunities, not only for the local investor, but also for any Turkish citizen who has any property that can be liquidated and deposited in banks. .


And from where we left off, we begin: the Turkish citizen who has real estate that he previously purchased at low prices and now has the opportunity to resell it and deposit its price in the banks to benefit from this high interest before it is reduced again at any time, but as we know that movement in general in the Turkish real estate market is slow, whether local or local. Or a foreigner, and therefore a property whose price is worth 200,000 dollars, for example, cannot be sold for more than 150,000 dollars today, which is a huge loss of approximately 25%, but the Turkish investor who previously bought this property at a price between 120,000 and 150,000 dollars believes that Liquidating these assets in order to obtain a high-interest bank deposit is worth it.


Hence we say that some real estate opportunities have emerged in the market at discounts from their real, fair price starting from 20% and sometimes up to 40%, and this in itself generates opportunities that only occur once every twenty years (which is the time of recession in every economic cycle).


Thus, we conclude that the coming months are the best for obtaining properties with additional attractive discounts, and then with renewed demand after the interest rate reduction in banks, the demand for these properties will rise again and they can be sold with a distinctive investment return in record time.


This investment idea is suitable for people who do not want to use bank deposits and want to obtain alternative investments at this time. As we mentioned, these months are the best ever for buying new properties with the aim of selling them in the coming years and achieving guaranteed and high profits.


When do these investment opportunities end?

These investment opportunities today are linked to the interest rate on the one hand and the balance of supply and demand on the other hand.


The interest rate has been talked about enough, but what is the balance of supply and demand?

The main idea in investing and achieving guaranteed and additional profits is to buy at a time when supply is high and demand is low, and to sell at a time when the balance reverses and demand becomes high and supply is low.

Today, with a large number of local investors rushing to sell their properties at any price for fear of missing out on the currently high bank deposit interest, we can find truly distinctive opportunities in the market, sometimes reaching 40% discounts.

According to our reading of the market, we believe that the year 2024 until the end is the best of all to obtain these opportunities, while emphasizing that there are no guarantees that any of these opportunities will continue for a longer period, as the central bank could at any time reduce interest rates and thus end these opportunities immediately. Also, a relatively significant drop in prices could prompt local investors to abandon the idea of selling their properties, especially if their price today in the market is lower than the price at which the investment was started.

Therefore, we advise investors who believe that these ideas that we talked about are correct and appropriate for them to quickly obtain their investments before these opportunities expire.

How can one obtain these distinctive investment opportunities?

Certainly, if you do not obtain the correct real estate advice, you will not be able to evaluate these opportunities properly, and it must be noted here that in order for these real estate opportunities to be truly suitable for investment, they must be directly owned by the property owners, without the presence of a group of intermediaries in the middle.

Today we offer you these real estate opportunities for simple and clear commissions for you from the beginning.

If you want to see some of our special offers, all you have to do is contact us.



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