Investing in Istanbul

Elie Saab bosphorus project in Istanbul

Elie Saab bosphorus project in Istanbul
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Why invest in Elie Saab Bosphorus project?

1-Prime Location: Elevate your investment strategy with Elie Saab Bosphorus. Situated in a coveted location, it offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity.

2-Picturesque Views: Experience the allure of breathtaking views at Elie Saab Bosphorus. Every glance captures the essence of luxury living, promising a rewarding investment for those who value aesthetics.

3-Convenient Transportation: Seamlessly connect with the city's pulse. With easy access to transportation facilities, Elie Saab Bosphorus ensures a comfortable and hassle-free commute for residents and investors alike.

Why to live in Elie Saab Bosphorus project?

1-Luxury Living on the Bosphorus: Experience the epitome of luxury living at ELIE SAAB Bosphorus. Nestled along the Bosphorus shores, these opulent villas blend modern architecture with aesthetic comfort, offering panoramic views that redefine the concept of home.

2-Elite Lifestyle Redefined: Located in the prestigious Kandilli district, ELIE SAAB Bosphorus redefines luxury living with its symbolic design aesthetics. Featuring high-standard social facilities, this project promises a luxurious lifestyle experience tailored for discerning homeowners.

3-Visionary Elegance and Comfort: ELIE SAAB Bosphorus represents the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, reflecting the signature touch of visionary designer ELIE SAAB. With seamless integration of modern aesthetics and Bosphorus views, it creates an exclusive residential community unmatched in Istanbul.

Project Overview


In the initial stage of development, 92 residences will be erected over a combined construction space of 55,228 square meters, situated on a vast land parcel spanning 18,385 square meters. These generously sized apartments, starting at 300 square meters, retain their investment allure courtesy of their unparalleled Bosphorus vista. They eagerly await new owners as part of Elie Saab's inaugural signature design venture in Turkey.


The apartments at Elie Saab Bosphorus offer a diverse range to cater to various tastes, from modern studios to spacious multi-bedroom units. Each apartment is designed with complete elegance, using premium materials and the latest technologies, making them an excellent investment opportunity or an ideal choice for upscale living. Thoughtful attention to detail enhances the living experience, from stunning landscapes to amenities like health clubs and swimming pools, representing a lifestyle of luxury and distinction.


The project seamlessly merges Elie Saab's design expertise with the captivating beauty of the Bosphorus, creating an unmatched residential community. With meticulous attention to detail, ELIE SAAB Bosphorus sets a new standard for refined living in Istanbul. Reserve your apartment now for experiencing luxury living at its finest.


The collaboration between Elie Saab, Tor Holding, and Senar İnşaat heralds a new era of prestige in Istanbul's real estate. With a track record of prestigious projects globally, Elie Saab brings his signature elegance to the city. Teaming up with Tor Holding and Senar İnşaat, known for their expertise in luxury housing production, the Elie Saab Bosphorus project aims to elevate Istanbul's brand value. This collaboration embodies a vision to offer luxury and elegance at the highest level, setting a new standard for prestigious living in the ancient city.

Project Location


Iconic Bosphorus Setting: ELIE SAAB Bosphorus sets a new standard for luxury living with its prime location along the iconic shores of the Bosphorus. Positioned on the ridge of Kandilli, one of Istanbul's oldest and most elite districts, residents are treated to unparalleled views of this historic waterway.

Exclusive Anatolian Side Residence: Nestled on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, ELIE SAAB Bosphorus offers an exclusive residential community unlike any other in the city. This coveted location provides residents with direct access to the Bosphorus, creating a serene and picturesque environment to call home. With its seamless integration of ELIE SAAB's signature design and breathtaking views, this project redefines luxury living on Istanbul's Anatolian side, inviting residents to experience the epitome of refined living.




Smart homes

Green spaces

Open swimming pool

Turkish bath

Near to highway

Shared services dues

Near to university

Private parking lots



Easy transportation

Central air conditioning

Close to metro station

Closed swimming pool

Outdoor sessions

Compound management



Airport 30 Km

City center 10 km

University 2 km

Mall 3 km

Sea 5 km

School 2 km

Hospital 1 km

Mosque 2 km




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