Investing in Istanbul

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Istanbul 2024 with photos

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Istanbul 2024 with photos
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Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, well-known as an economic, cultural, and historical focus of the country. Situated on the Bosphorus Strait, it spans both Europe and Asia, with a population exceeding 15 million people, constituting 19% of Turkey's population. Istanbul is the most dense European city, with its history back to the seventh millennium BCE (before the Bosphorus existed), as revealed by digging during the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel connecting its Asian and European sides. 


Throughout its long history, Istanbul has been characterised by indulgence across the ages, visible in the lasting leftovers that tourists visit to this day. 



A picture of Topkapi Palace, one of the most important major achievements in Istanbul. 

If we were to list the most significant tourist attractions in Istanbul, the article would be drawn-out, and we would for sure tray from our main topic.



The impressive architectural details of each corner of Istanbul's historical sights mirror how our ancestors were skilled in craftsmanship, desiring to deliver the highest levels of luxury in design and execution. 


 Why is the real estate market in Istanbul considered ideal for all real estate desires and options?

Today, Istanbul continues to offer a plenty of luxurious options for apartments and villas, fitting-out to those seeking excellence and uniqueness. 

Istanbul's rainbow  nature and varied topography fulfil every desire, with views of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, alongside the Bosphorus Strait connecting Asia and Europe, offering luxurious properties and palaces. 

Istanbul also shows off lakes like Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece. 

For lovers of forests, more than 60% of Istanbul's area consists of green forests and natural reserves.


For lovers of accuracy and history, Istanbul features so many luxurious historical apartments and villas, as well as modern villas in historical areas and properties that afford views of important historical marks.


We will select a range of luxurious properties, starting from the most affordable to the most expensive, to give readers a comprehensive idea of what they can acquire in Istanbul. 

It's important to note that these options or offers may be sold at any time, so the best choice to obtain current offers is to contact us while reading this article. 

1-A holiday apartment in the Demir Life project





In Beylikduzu on the European side of Istanbul, this project overlooks Buyukcekmece Lake and the Sea of Marmara from a distance. Up close, it offers views of the Alkent 2000 area, filled with luxurious villas and green spaces. The project's integration of services, coupled with the very famous developer Avrupa Konutlari's involvement, undeniably adds a touch of elegance.


Noting that this apartment is intended for vacation purposes, Beylikduzu is relatively rich in newer projects, making resale competitive. 

Additionally, being away from the city centre suggests that future demand may not be consistently high. Therefore, this property can be classified as a vacation property. This does not necessarily mean the buyer won't profit upon resale, but better investment options should be considered.


Initial prices for a one-bedroom apartment start around $120,000.





A picture of the 2000 Alkent area in Buyukcekmece.

2-A spacious apartment in the Live Marine Beylikduzu holiday project




Luxury in interior finishes must be complemented by luxury in external property specifications for completeness, such as having only 32 apartments in this project, with only 4 apartments in each building.


These details, allied with direct sea views of the Sea of Marmara, qualify this property to be featured in today's article.


The project is just minutes away from the well-known Beylikduzu Marina.


Prices for three-bedroom apartments start from $300,000.

3-Villa in Deniz Istanbul Beylikduzu project




The project itself is a complete city comprising 7 expandable phases, featuring a school, hospital, shopping mall, mosque, and numerous recreational facilities and commercial outlets.


Marina Beylikduzu is within walking distance from inside the Deniz Istanbul project, where yachts and water taxis can be accessed, side-by-side to over 30 restaurants and cafes at the marina.


The project includes both independent and dependent apartments and villas. However, for those seeking luxury away from the city centre, choosing an independent villa in Deniz Istanbul is essential. They represent the height of luxury in this project, offering superior design, high-quality materials in finishing, and spacious layouts.



The colour coordination, finest types of natural wood in the living room and bedrooms, along with glossy floors decorated with simple patterns,expose a magnificent royal touch to the place.




In the kitchen, there is also a wide and comfortable space, featuring a high level of indulgence and scratch-resistant, plus to the high-quality materials.


Prices for these independent villas start from around $2 million, while one-bedroom apartments in the same project start from $150,000.

4- Apartment in Emlak Konut Floria Project


Located just 15 km away from the city centre, Floria is situated within the district of Bakirkoy, offering coastal views of the Sea Marmara. Floria itself is a highly well-off area known for its low-rise buildings and tranquil, elegant charm.


The Emlak Konut Floria project in Floria is a new development completed in 2023, contrasting with the majority of older properties in the area. While Floria is typically preferred by local residents, occasional foreign buyers also express interest in ownership there.


The project itself features a very limited number of apartments, with only 10 units per building and no small-size options, making it ideal for families.


The use of stone in the exterior finishes gives the project a unique advantage, as it is uncommon in modern Turkish architecture to incorporate stone into residential apartment exteriors.




The special architectural design of the arches, along with multiple balconies for each apartment, truly makes owning a property in this project a unique and exclusive experience.




When viewing the floor plan of a 4-bedroom apartment with a living room, one can observe the presence of 5 balconies in this apartment alone. Additionally, there is a spacious square entrance. Furthermore, the kitchen and living room are situated in a different area from the four bedrooms, three of which have their own private balconies.




When choosing a luxurious project, it's essential that every aspect reflects this uniqueness. For example, the swimming pool of the Emlak Konut Floria project.
Observe the details.


The price for a 4-bedroom apartment with a living room in this project starts at around $900,000.

5- Apartment in Profa 34 project in Bakırköy 



Luxury means being the first in everything, and this project offers direct views of the Sea of Marmara even from its lower floors. Situated on the first coastal line, this alone is a striking advantage for splendour devotees.


Moving from its elite location to its spacious interiors, the living room in this project spans 87 square metres, which is equivalent to the size of an entire apartment in another project. The master bedroom measures 60 square metres, making it the largest among projects in Istanbul (excluding villas).


The spacious living room with natural wooden flooring features an exit to a terrace that accommodates over 15 people in each apartment. Additionally, high-efficiency soundproof doors ensure complete noise isolation.


Here, for sure we're not discussing the best materials used in finishes or top-tier tools brands. We're focusing on the details and the harmony of design with colours and lighting—all traits that indicate the elegance of the designer and a refined taste for those interested in owning such a property.


Prices for a four-bedroom apartment with a living room in this project start at around $1.6 million.


6-Loft villa in Buyukyali project




When you want to live in modern comfort mixed with historical heritage and authenticity within Istanbul's city centre, in the Zeytinburnu area, with easy access to the Sea of Marmara and the known Fisherman's Market, you're considering a project that attracts tourists from around the world.


This rare type of modern property built upon stunning historical ruins can only be classified as exceptionally luxurious and unique to the highest degree. Owning a loft villa with high ceilings in such a setting is already rare, but having its walls with the very same historical walls built centuries ago, fully restored to provide luxury while preserving their historical integrity, is truly exceptional.


What is your ambition for excellence? Make sure that this project and this property are precisely capable of fulfilling everything you have dreamed of in owning a off-beat and luxurious property in Istanbul.


Restaurants and cafes, when designed in this authentic manner, necessarily become a destination for every tourist seeking to breathe in the essence of the city's rich history while enjoying a high level of perfect services.


There are far more details than can be covered in today's article, so all you need to do is contact us to not only get details about this property but also to gain a comprehensive understanding of the history and strategic importance of this area.


The price for a loft villa in this project starts at $2.2 million.


7-Apartment in Buyukyalıfendi Casa project





In the same project as the previous villa, there is also a dedicated building in Zeytinburnu called BüyükYalı, featuring an Italian Fendi-designed structure. This unique building sits at the front corner of the project on the right side, offering views of the entrance to the Bosphorus pass. It gives the best view ever, as it overlooks both the Bosphorus and the sea together.



In addition to the amazing sea views, the artistic touches designed by Fendi are countless, making you fall in love with this apartment at first sight.


In this corner, you can have one of the most top-elegant settings within your apartment in Istanbul. You can truly feel proud in front of even the most big name guests when they visit your unique Fendi-designed apartment in Istanbul.



It is very difficult to find an entrance to an apartment in Istanbul with this level of richness, price, and the absolute best finishes with a classy Italian taste.


Prices for a 4-bedroom and living room apartment designed by Fendi start at $1.9 million.


8-Apartment with private pool in Nisantasi Kuru




This project needs little explanation. Having a pool on your private terrace overlooking the Bosphorus is with no doubt the essence of leisure and exclusivity.

The spacious room layouts and high-quality finishes all confirm the deserving presence of this project among the most luxurious apartments in Istanbul.



High ceilings provide greater comfort for residents and also affirm the necessity of having a limited number of apartments in the project. This aspect adds more privacy and individuality.



If we add to all of this the fact that this project is located in Nisantasi, in the heart of Istanbul, the most luxurious neighbourhood in all of Turkey, then we truly have one of the best properties in Istanbul.


Prices start from $2.4 million for two-bedroom apartments and go up to $7.5 million for large duplex apartments.


9- Penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton South Plaza Hotel





In general, any penthouse must provide a large portion of luxury in any project it is part of. It is characterised by very spacious areas in addition to high ceilings located on the top floor. These features make the owner of this property special and unique.



But what if we talk about the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Beşiktaş, which is considered the peak of luxury in one of the best areas with views overlooking the Bosphorus, and also complete hotel services for the penthouse at the top of the building? 

When this combination of features comes together, it's no surprise that the cost of owning this property could exceed 18 million dollars.



There's no need to introduce the Ritz-Carlton brand or even spotlight the importance and uniqueness of this building in the uptown Beşiktaş district. Everything you might think is necessary to acquire a luxurious property is present in this building, built to the highest standards ever possible.


This property is well-chosen one of the most expensive and luxurious in all of Turkey.


10-A palace with a direct view of the Bosphorus




The importance of the Bosphorus Strait has been recognized since ancient times, with the finest luxurious palaces situated on both ends of this pass that separates Europe from Asia. The Topkapı Palace, the largest palace overlooking the entrance of the Bosphorus, symbolises the Ottoman caliphate's glory in a strategically significant location.



 Why the Bosphorus and what is its symbolism?


The idea of owning a historic palace with a direct view of the Bosphorus is extremely bold and particularly rare. You would be surprised to know that a budget of 20 million dollars is considered relatively average for owning a beautiful palace on the Bosphorus.


The rarity of these palaces and their historical prestige are among the main reasons for their high prices. 

Additionally, their spaciousness surely contributes to the price escalation. 

They are more suitable as luxurious hotels rather than residential properties, but for enthusiasts of this experience, there are offers in the Turkish real estate market starting from around 20 million dollars, reaching upwards of 100 million dollars.



Do you think these palaces really deserve this budget or not?





Valid Until 01/11/2024
Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

Exclusive offer: 4+1 apartment at Marina City project in Beylikduzu

Istanbul| Beylikduzu district
4$ 406,000
Valid Until 01/11/2024
Special offer 1+1 apartment in Sarayier: Elevated Living at Skyland Istanbul

Special offer 1+1 apartment in Sarayier: Elevated Living at Skyland Istanbul

Istanbul| Sariyer district
6$ 490,000
Valid Until 01/09/2024
Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

Exclusive Offer For a 4+1 Apartment in Bakirkoy, The Heart of Istanbul

Istanbul| Bakirkoy district
510$ 1,695,000