Investing in Istanbul

Investing in Istanbul

Istanbul has been always famous with say that it’s city of opportunities. Therefore, investing in Istanbul has become an ideal option for all who wish to develop their money and achieve great economic returns, in light of the distinguished investment opportunities available in Istanbul, which come in parallel with the continuous growth in the Turkish economy, and the presence of a large number of real estate projects that provide great housing and investment options in the city, in its various regions and with various advantages to suit all tastes, that is why in our article we will talk about investing in Istanbul.

Why invest in Istanbul

There are many reasons that drive investors to invest in Istanbul, as it is one of the cities that provides everything an investor needs to have a successful investment. Here are the reasons for investing in Istanbul:
Large population: Istanbul is one of the most populated cities not only in Europe, but also in all the world, with a population of about 16 million, and among the classification of European countries, it ranked third in terms of visits, and ranked 12th around the world.
Tourist superiority: The number of tourists who visited Istanbul during 2018, for example, it reached approximately 46 million, which made it ranked first among Turkish cities in the field of tourism.
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Integrated infrastructure: which is one of the most important reasons that make Istanbul a distinctive and safe environment for investment, as it has a sophisticated infrastructure that keeps pace with global developments to drive investment in Turkey and meets the requirements of this era.
Various investment options: Istanbul offers different types of buildings and real estate, which makes investment opportunities more diverse, and among these options: real estate, tourism, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and others.

Advantages of investing in Istanbul

Investors always want to know the advantages that they will get when investing in Istanbul, in the meanwhile when there are many such advantages that encourage investment, and the following are a group of them:
Continuous growth: Real estate and other fields in Istanbul are achieving continuous growth in line with the growth of the Turkish economy, which means more profits.
Market Attractiveness: With Istanbul linking Asia and Europe, it has become a global commercial center, and an attractive market for various investors and traders around the world.
Investment returns: As real estate rises from time to time; it helps investors achieve high investment returns.
Safe environment: The environment of Istanbul is considered a safe and stable environment, with a lot of green spaces, which is positively reflected on investment.

Cons of investing in Istanbul

On the other hands, as there are advantages to investing in Istanbul, of course there are disadvantages. In spite of these negatives, there is still a possibility that the investor may not suffer from them, as they are cases that are not general, and may not suffer from them at all, and the following are the most important of them:
Administrative disadvantages: represented in the lack of qualified people, and the lack of sufficient experience to take appropriate decisions and solve problems.
Legal disadvantages: related to the risks that arise from entering into agreements with parties without ensuring that they fulfill their obligations.
Disadvantages of operating: It is related to the internal systems in the company, such as employees and malfunctions, in addition to the systems and embezzlement that can occur.
Price negatives: These negatives relate to unwanted up or down movements in the market.
Disadvantages of business: These are risks related to the industry, due to the field in which the company operates, and they differ from one case to another.
Credit negatives: These negatives relate to not complying with the terms agreed upon with people, and not doing the necessary work in terms of obtaining adequate guarantees.

Types of investment in Istanbul

The presence of more than one type of investment in Istanbul had a significant impact on the economic growth of the city, and it also attracted a large group of investors with different interests and specializations, and the following are the types of investment

Commercial investment in Istanbul

Commercial investment in Istanbul is among the best types of investment in Istanbul, where Turkish products have high quality, and there are many famous brands in Istanbul, and they are widely present in many countries around the world, considering the presence of distinctive commercial facilities in Istanbul such as factories and warehouses and other shops and offices.

Industrial investment in Istanbul

As Istanbul has a strong and solid infrastructure, it has become a distinguished choice for anyone who wants a successful and ideal investment in Turkey, as there are many warehouses and factories that highlight the importance of the city in this field, and this type of investment is represented in many industries such as the furniture industry, and electrical industries, building materials, and many other industries.

Real estate investment in Istanbul

Real estate investment is defined as that specialized investment in real estate , whether through buying and selling, or by buying and then re-leasing, and Istanbul is one of the most active real estate markets in Turkey, as it includes a wide range of distinctive real estate projects.

Investing in residential real estate in Istanbul

Investing in residential real estate is the most popular type of investment in Istanbul, as it can be relied on permanently to achieve more profits, which means distinguished investment returns, and perhaps the most important advantage of this investment is the rise in real estate prices in Istanbul from time to time. This is due to the continuous demand for it by foreigners, it is also possible to rely on re-leasing in this type of investment, which means constant and continuous financial monthly returns.

Investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul

Since Istanbul is a city with an economy that is constantly growing, and the presence of tourists in large number all the time, it has become a distinguished option in investing in commercial real estate, as there is a great demand for this type of real estate in Istanbul, as it can be relied upon to achieve continuous financial returns through re-selling, or large returns through resale after a period ranging between 3-5 Years of purchase, at a time when Right Home provides distinguished real estate options in this field due to its experience in the real estate field.
In conclusion, we have talked about investing in Istanbul, and we have reviewed a set of reasons that motivate investors to choose Istanbul in particular, in addition to talking about some of the negatives that they may face, at a time when Right Home Real Estate offers distinguished investment opportunities, and you can communicate with us to get the best of these opportunities.

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