Istanbul / Beykoz district District

Beykoz district District :

Beykoz district is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and overlooks the Bosphorus directly, and it is bordered by Umraniye area, Uskudar area, Sile and Cekmekoy area. It covers an area of ​​239.22 square kilometers, and its population is about 250.000 people. Beykoz district includes 45 neighborhoods, the most famous of which are the neighborhoods of Acarlar, Cubuklu, Goztepe and Riva.

Beykoz is one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul in general and Asian Istanbul in particular, where there are many green spaces, spacious gardens, chestnut, hazelnut and pine forests and the second largest forests in Istanbul (Beykoz Forest), as well as several streams and rivers such as Riva, Küçüksu, and Göksu.

Beykoz is one of the most tranquil and upscale areas of Istanbul, and it is an integrated service area with luxury that distinguishes it from the rest of Istanbul.

Beykoz is characterized by its various real estate projects, as it includes modern residential complexes with apartments overlooking the Bosphorus, as well as luxury villas overlooking the Bosphorus as well, which is the first choice for the rich and famous.

Beykoz is an ancient historical area that includes many monuments and places dating back to the Ottoman and Roman era, including the Castle of Yoros and Beykoz Palace.

As for transportation, Beykoz area is served by various means of transportation, such as buses and minibuses, and you can also go from Beykoz to the European side of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge, or by sea ferries coming from Eminonu area.

As for education and educational services in Beykoz area, the area includes many Turkish public and private schools in all stages (kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary), and there are also many international schools, the most famous of which is Acarkent Keystone İnternational Schools in Beykoz.

As for universities, there are a number of public and private universities in the area, including: Beykoz University, the German-Turkish University, and Ozyegin University, which is a private university located in Umraniye area near Beykoz.

Beykoz is a tourist area, and its coast is one of the most beautiful coasts of Istanbul, which is dotted with luxury cafes and distinctive restaurants, especially fish restaurants, along the coast.