Istanbul / Pendik district District

Pendik district District :

Pendik district is one of the largest areas located on the Asian side of Istanbul. It is bordered on the north by Sultanbeyli area, on the south by Marmara Sea, on the east by Tuzal area, and on the west by Kartal area.

Pendik district is 278 square kilometers, and it has a population of 681.736 people.

Pendik municipality is considered one of the most important municipalities in Istanbul, which has great tourism and economic importance, as it includes many historical monuments dating back to the Ottoman era and the Greeks, in addition, it is characterized by beauty, picturesque nature, and charming views of Marmara Sea.

Educational services in the region of Pendik

As for education, Pendik area includes many Turkish governmental and private schools, including Pendik School and the Balkan School, in addition to cultural centers and universities that provide the best educational curricula, such as Pendik University and Marmara University.

Health services in Pendik Istanbul

As for health services, Pendik area is distinguished by the quality of health services provided to the population, and it includes the second largest hospital in Turkey, in addition to many other hospitals such as Medical Park Hospital, Private Pendik Hospital, and Private Ramidi Hospital.

Transportation in the region of Pendik

As for transportation, transportation projects and transportation services are constantly developing, as they include public buses, minibusses, and the Pendik train that connects it to Haydarpasa, in addition to Marmaray, the marine metro that connects Istanbul, Asia, to European Istanbul.

Pendik area contains many shops and shopping centers that include the most famous local and international brands, entertainment facilities, restaurants, and cafes, including Pendorya Shopping Center and New Marine Mall. In addition, Pendik area has many other recreational facilities that are visited by tourists and residents of the district, including the Natural Science Museum, which is the first to attend stuffed animals in Turkey, and the Istanbul Equestrian Club.

Pendik area is distinguished by its wide green spaces and the abundance of large gardens, which include walking paths and places for cycling, and Pendik area also includes Aydos Forest, which is located at the top of a mountain that is considered the highest in Turkey, and it contains remnants of Aydos Castle, which dates back to the Ottoman era.

Real estate in the region of Pendik

Real estate projects grow in Pendik area day by day, and it has great investment importance that increases accordingly. It is one of the most crowded areas in Asian Istanbul, and its population density is high, and many huge residential, investment and commercial real estate projects rise in the area, which makes it the new destination for investment in Istanbul, Asia, the focus of attention of investors.