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RH 37-Apartments at the city center ready to move near to metro station

Istanbul| Topkapi district
Starting From TL950,000


Istanbul, Topkapi , Turkey
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For Sale
Starting From TL950,000
Starting From 67
Starting From TL950,000

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These features are included in this property
Swimming Pool
Pay Grounds
Children Playgrounds
Restaurants and Coffee Shops

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Advantages :

  • In the heart of Istanbul near the city center, at the middle of the intersection of all transportation means and the important roads linking Istanbul to each other is the location of the project
  • Though, a high level of peaceful surrounding has been maintained, and clean air is safeguarded by gardens and extensive green spaces
  • With the style of housing and, and with mostly luxurious urban designs, you can peacefully live and work in this project
  • The project is immediately ready for housing with  various installment options


  • In European part if Istanbul, especially in the Topkapi area, which means the “The Upper Door” in Turkish, this archaeological area, which includes many tourist attractions as a destiny for tourists from around the world; this wonderful project has also been created. The Topkapi area is the intersection of most important means of public transport such as metro, tram and bus. It is also close to highways, as such we are simply in the heat of Istanbul .
  • The founding company is well aware that the distinctive design is capable of changing people's lifestyle. Therefore, the highest standards of design have been adopted to give the residents tranquility and peaceful atmosphere, despite being in the city center
  • Educational centers such as  schools, universities, service centers, entertainment, government departments and all that may be needed are just nearby you in one place or few miles away in order to give you a unique and distinguish and unique life experience
  • Old houses in the Topkapi area are increasing their investment value day after day. So what if we talk about the luxury apartments that will be offered by this project, the prices definitely  will be double in a few years only


Services and Facilities:

  • Open gyms
  • Places for children's games
  • Pedestrian corridors
  • Special terraces gardens
  • Wide green spaces
  • Great art sculptures
  • Semi-Olympic swimming pool
  • A variety of trees
  • 24 different service rooms (music room, cinema room, PlayStation room and many more)


 Prices and Payment Method 

the latest updated prices was in : 27/06/2019

Type Size from Size To Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time
1+1 67 131 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month - March 2018
2+1 88 182 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month 949.000₺ March 2018
3+1 163 262 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month 1.430.000₺ March 2018
4+1 225 270 (30-40-50)% 36-48-60 month 1.639.000₺ March 2018


Below is a list of room prices
TypeSize FromSize ToPriceDelivery Date


Istanbul, Topkapi , Turkey