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Istanbul| Arnavutkoy district
Starting From $224,000


istanbul, Arnavutköy, Turkey
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Starting From $224,000
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Starting From $224,000

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These features are included in this property
Swimming Pool
Pay Grounds
Turkish Hammam
Children Playgrounds
Restaurants and Coffee Shops

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Project overview:

This under construction new project, known for its attractive low-rise horizontal architecture, is currently gathering preliminary demand for high-rise apartments and commercial spaces with significant investment potential.

This new Project is situated in Arnavutköy, on the European side of Istanbul.

It is conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Istanbul Airport, adding to its desirability.

It occupies a prime location, right in the heart of the 300,000 square meter Arnavutköy National Green Park, making it highly valuable in terms of investment.

The project offers several different choices, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 5+1 duplex flat types, and which consists of 110 flats in a single and horizontal block with 5 floors.

By selecting your desired living space at this new piece of art, you not only enhance your current happiness but also infuse your dreams with a vibrant new life.

Its proximity to Istanbul Airport further enhances its appeal.

The neighborhood looks out over the Black Sea to the northwest of the city.

The region of our project has stunning beaches with a variety of eateries and cafes known for their mouthwatering seafood, where you can have an unforgettable time taking in the view of the Black Sea.

With lush forests enveloping it on three sides, our new project immerses you in the heart of nature.

Here, you will experience a deep sense of tranquility that resonates within your soul, awakening each morning to the melodious symphony of birds as they greet the first light of day.



The project nestled within the scenic Arnavutköy National Garden, enhances your lifestyle with meticulously crafted landscapes and inviting social spaces.

This exclusive privilege is reserved for a select few, and it can now be yours.

Immerse yourself in the abundant greenery and enjoy all the amenities and advantages offered by this expansive garden area.

Situated in the heart of Arnavutköy, the rising star of Istanbul, this project boasts an exceptional location.

 Just a 2-minute drive from the Northern Marmara Highway and a mere 5 minutes away from Istanbul Airport and the TEM Highway, it offers unparalleled accessibility.

This project meets all needs with its street shops just below the houses. Everything about happiness is united under the roof of your house.



  • Earthquake resistant construction
  • Modern insulation systems
  • Automated fire extinguishing system
  • swimming pool
  • sports club
  • Turkish bath
  • Places for children's games
  • Restaurant & Café
  • Elevators
  • security cameras



  • Istanbul airport: 10 minutes
  • Northern Marmara highway: 2 minutes
  • TEM highway: 5 minutes


Type Size From Size To Down payment Installment Total Price Delivery Time
1+1 70 86 50%  18Moths 224.000 $ 12/2023
2+1 125 131 50% 18Moths 347.370 $ 12/2023
2+1DB 133 147 50% 18Moths 366.660 $ 12/2023
3+1 169 169 50% 18Moths $439.950 12/2023
3+1DB 198 213 50% 18Moths $481470 12/2023
5+1D 287 287 50% 18Moths $694.100 12/2023
6+1D 277 277 50% 18Moths $656.490 12/2023

Latest price update 06.2023


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istanbul, Arnavutköy, Turkey