Tourism in Istanbul

Your guide for a vacation in Turkey

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Your guide for a vacation in Turkey
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Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world , as it is visited annually by thousands of all nationalities and religions , as it is one of the richest countries in the world culturally , historically and geographically , which makes it ranked sixth among the best tourist destinations globally . Turkey has a wonderful climate throughout the year , and Turkey includes many important and distinctive landmarks such as the Bosphorus Bridge , Sultan Ahmed Mosque , Galata Tower , Taksim Square , Hagia Sophia , Dolmabahce Palace and Ataturk Museum , and many places that are unique from other cities in the world .

In addition to the fact that Turkey is a beautiful and charming country , with a rich nature and great civilization , also it is a modern and advanced country , with a history and ancient civilization , and it is located in the middle of the world , that it is divided with its vast area on the two continents of Asia and Europe and combines the originality of the East with modernity the West .

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After the tremendous efforts made by the Turkish government to combat the Coronavirus , which spread in the world at the beginning of the year 2020 , attention turned to Turkey , especially after Turkish Airlines announced the start of its international flights from June 10 , which increased the interest of Arab and foreign tourists to visit this great country , as it is one of the ideal places to spend the summer vacation , thanks to its climate and geographical location , as the western coast of Turkey is a popular destination among tourists in the summer months .


 The most famous tourist attraction in the city of Istanbul 

  1. Hagia Sophia Museum : It is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Istanbul , this place combines sanctity and luxury , which was a Christian cathedral , and when the arrival of the Islamic conquest of Istanbul they converted it into a mosque , but after the end of Ottoman rule in Istanbul It became a historical museum . Hagia Sophia Museum and Mosque is located opposite Sultanahmet Mosque in Fatih area , on the European side of Istanbul , and it is one of the most important and oldest historical mosques in Istanbul .
  2. Bosphorus Bridge : The Bosphorus is the water body that divides the city of Istanbul into two parts , the section of Asia and the European section . The Bosphorus Bridge was built in 1973 to extend across the Bosphorus Strait , and it connects the two sections of Istanbul . One of the most important information about the Bosphorus Bridge is that it has a metal structure , and its length extends to 1.560 meters , while extending to 33.5 meters . In 2007 , a bridge lighting system was installed to illuminate at night , giving the city a charming view . About 180.000 vehicles pass through the Bosphorus Bridge every day , so it is a gateway to the city's trade and economy . One of the most interesting tourist activities in Istanbul is touring the Bosphorus via a ferry . You will not complete your visit to Istanbul without a tour in the Bosphorus and see Dolmabahce Palace and Rumelihisari in addition to many forests and beautiful greenery .
  3. Taksim Square : The famous Taksim Square , which is intended for Arab and foreign tourists from all over the world , where the number of visitors to this region nearly 3 million people on a daily basis . Taksim Square is located in the heart of Istanbul . Taksim Square is a major center for many activities . It is also a major tourist destination . It includes the famous Istiklal Street which contains many shops , archaeological buildings , libraries , banks , Cinema , cafes and various local and international restaurants , in addition to the presence of many embassies and consulates in this region , such as the US Consulate , the French Consulate , the Greek Consulate and the British Consulate . Also , there is a famous historical tramway on Istiklal Street , which has been in existence since 1875 , and was re-launched in 1990 to revive the historical atmosphere of the region , and this tramway take you from Taksim Square passing through Istiklal Street to Galata Tower , one of the most famous historical landmarks in Istanbul .

 Tourism in Bodrum 

Bodrum is one of the most famous Turkish tourist cities , which is intended for Arab and foreign tourists in order to spend a holiday on the beach , especially in the summer , as Bodrum is characterized by its beautiful tourist resorts .

It is called the Pearl of Turkey and this is because of the white color that covers the buildings in the city , in addition to its green mountains that are characterized by wonderful greenery . Bodrum is located in the southwest of the Turkish Republic in the province of " Mugla " , specifically in the Aegean region which is called the Turkish Riviera . In spite of the small city of Bodrum , it attracts a lot of tourists from all nationalities of the world , especially artists and famous people of the world , due to the beauty of its climate and the splendor of its beaches for most of the year , the city is distinguished by the fact that it includes a sea port linking it with the islands of the Aegean and the Mediterranean , this helped to make it the starting point for distinguished cruises .

Bodrum attracts tourists from all over the world , where tourism is one of the main pillars of the city of Bodrum , and the most prominent tourist attractions of Bodrum that contain a very ancient history , are :

  1. Mausolus Mausoleum : It is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World , built by Queen Artemis in commemoration of her husband King Mausolus in 353 BC . The shrine was destroyed by an earthquake that struck it , and its stones were used to build a castle later .
  2. Mendos Gate : It is one of the two gates that were used as a gateway to the ancient city of Halicarnassus , and it was connected to the city wall . This gate contained three towers , one of which was destroyed , and two towers still standing . The construction of the towers consists of very large square stones .
  3. Bodrum Amphitheater : This amphitheater dates back to the fourth century AD , specifically to the Hellenistic age . It consists of a platform , an orchestra , and seating for the public , which can seat more than 1000 people .
  4. Bodrum Castle ( St. Peter's Castle ) : a historical castle built by the Knights of Rhodes in the fifteenth century CE using the remains of stones and rocks from the Mausoleus shrine . The castle was used for several purposes during the past centuries , it was a prison , hospital , and mosque , and today it is a historical museum .

Bodrum also holds many tourist , cultural and art festivals , most notably the traditional wooden boat races that take place in October of each year , and the bike festival that takes place in May every year . Several art events are also held , including the Turgotres International Music Festival in June . In addition to festivals , many open bazaars are organized during the week , offering fresh fish , local fruits and vegetables , as well as clothes , fabrics and handicrafts .

 Tourism in Antalya 

Antalya , the bride of the Turkish coast , is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey . It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the southwestern part of the State of Turkey , so it is located on the coastal slopes and surrounded by mountains on all sides , and the population of Antalya about 775.157 people . Antalya is known as a center for development and investment and it is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists from all over the world , especially Europeans and Russians .

One of the most important tourist activities in the Turkish city of Antalya visit its beautiful waterfalls , which flow from the top of the mountains to impress tourists with its magnificence and beauty . Each waterfall in Antalya has its own charm that distinguishes it from the rest of the waterfalls , including : Duden Waterfalls , where the waterfall comes within a beautiful park that includes a number of restaurants and cafes and meet the waterfall with the sea in a scene that will fascinate you , and Kursunlu Falls , which is the second most beautiful waterfalls in Antalya , located in the middle of a picturesque pine forest , Kursunlu Falls are a great hiking destination , dominated by the tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking views of the waterfalls flowing into Oksu River , in addition to the charming nature that includes unique trees and plants such as willow , figs and wild olives .

 Tourism in Fethiye 

The city of Fethiye is one of the most famous and beautiful coastal cities in Turkey , and it is located on the Aegean Sea , which separates Turkey and Greece , and the most important characteristic of Fethiye is that it is located on the ruins of Telmisos , the historical archaeological city , where there are many traces that go back to the past . The city was named after the Ottoman pilot Yuzbashi Fethi , the pilot who went out on the third Turkish flight in World War I , and his plane crashed over the Golan , and the city was named after his name in honor of him and his sacrifice .

The city of Fethiye is characterized by a natural fence of pine trees , which gives it a breathtaking landscape , and one of the most beautiful sites of the city Dead Sea Bay , and extends the shores of the Dead Sea to a length of three kilometers , and its beaches have been chosen as the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world , because of the gradation of water colors near the shore , the Dead Sea has been named because of its calmness and purity , and the legends say he was named after a young man drowned , prompting his beloved to throw herself after him to hug them together .

Fethiye is located in Muğla Province , on the Aegean coast , in southern Turkey . Fethiye has a unique location , where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea , giving it more beauty .

The city of Muğla is one of Turkey's most famous cities , known for its ancient history , has been known as Karya , and it is the owner of the longest coast among the cities of Turkey , and the city of Muğla rises above sea level by about one thousend and one hundred kilometers , and it is bordered to the east by the city of Antalya , and from South Mediterranean , and west Aegean Sea .

 The Turkish city of Cappadocia 

One of the most beautiful Turkish cities , which is unique in its beauty and nature from the rest of the world , is the city of Cappadocia .

Cappadocia city is located in the center of Turkey , to the east of the Anatolian Plateau , and to the southwest of Kayseri city . Cappadocia has many names in the historical sources as follows : At the Persians it was known as Katbatuka , meaning the land of beautiful horses ; Elamite was known as Capta , and among the Acadians it was known as Toka . Cappadocia is an archaeological tourist city with distinction , and it was inscribed on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at the Committee's meeting during the ninth session of 1985 . Cappadocia is a home to many unique landmarks , including Goreme Village , which has a stunning view over the seas , labyrinths and caves , and one of the most important activities one can enjoy in visiting this village is balloon rides , and visiting the Church of the Evil Eye . 

The city includes the valley of " Ahlara " , which is famous for the adventures of trekking , and the Valley of Imagination , it contains rocks , which some perceive as a group of horses , and others see them as a family made up of a father , mother and sons , and there is a plateau overlooking the city , so that the stand on it feels a wonderful and interesting feeling , it is only available in " Cappadocia " , where the city has many huge hotels , carved into caves, and mountain rocks .

 Tourism in Bolu 

The city of Bolu is named after the " Lake Abant Nature Park " after the resort of " Bolu Abant " . Bolu is located in the northwest of Turkey , on the Black Sea , which is an important vital point linking the capital Ankara and Istanbul , about 262 km from Istanbul city and 192 kilometers from the Turkish capital Ankara , and it is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey , with a total area of 7410 square kilometers , and a population of more than two hundred and seventy thousand , and it is a mountainous area full of forests , with few agriculture areas .

The city of Bolu is famous for agricultural products and milk products , such as cheese and cream , and most of these products are sold and consumed locally . Bolu is also one of the most important trade corridors between Ankara and Istanbul , especially after the opening of a tunnel between the two cities in 2007 , because travelers began to get to know this beautiful city and stop there in order to get some rest and eat some food .

The city of Bolu is ideal for hiking and climbing , due to the presence of mountains , lakes , forests , and wildlife of animals such as deer .

The Turkish city of Bolu is one of the rare places that have many advantages at the same time , the beauty of nature is charming , the forest is rich in its diversity of flora and fauna , the lakes , rivers and beaches on the Black Sea coast are increasing its beauty , and the hot springs at the foothills of the mountains , the large snow-covered ski centers , make it the perfect destination for patients and athletes .

The city of Bolu is a beautiful and green city , calm and cold in summer and snowy in winter , and it is located at an altitude of 1.325 meters from the sea level , and enjoys the presence of wonderful lakes such as  " Golcuk " Lake and the famous " Abant " Lake ,  34 km south west of Bolu , amid the high mountains at an altitude of 1,500 meters , Abant Resort is the center of life in this region , it offers a different beauty in each season , and there are many comfortable hotels and camping places .

Abant Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey , where it is considered as some of the most beautiful natural lakes in the world , because of its magnificence beauty and being surrounded by a large number of pine trees , oaks and willow , which increases the beauty and charm .

Abant Lake, which is located in the Turkish city of Bolu , is one of the most important natural places in the city , where the area of ​​Lake Abant 1.28 kilometers , and it reaches a depth of the deepest point to 18 meters , and is inhabited by the lake Abant a number of pets such as deer and rabbits and some birds .

Sitting at the lake and enjoying its clear waters , the birds hovering over it , the animals that inhabit it , as well as the plants and trees that surround the lake , all of course give you a great opportunity to relax and take a stroll with friends or family .

If you prefer to do some activities , you can do jogging , cycling or even horse riding around Abant Lake , and enjoy those activities in the heart of the magnificent nature .

Remember that your visit to Lake Abant is not associated with a particular season , as you can visit the lake in winter to enjoy the magnificent view of the lake and may snowfall , and see the landscape of the surrounding plants covered in snow .



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