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Buy apartments overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul with Right Home Real Estate

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Buy apartments overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul with Right Home Real Estate
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The geographical and historical importance of Istanbul is no longer hidden by anyone, but today we will focus on the seas surrounding Istanbul and the Bosphorus, and what people who are wishing to live or invest in Istanbul can find real estate with direct or indirect sea views.



Istanbul is bordered on the north by the Black Sea, and due to the fact that this area is cold most of the months of the year, we find so far several small villages and summer beaches very impressive, while real estate with a sea view is concentrated in the south at the Sea of Marmara, as here we can distinguish four seasons in the year and therefore it is more desirable for housing and investment, especially for the availability of the infrastructure of metro and transportation lines, in addition to the proximity to the center of Istanbul.


The Bosphorus Strait, which is the subject of today, separates Istanbul into two parts (one of them belongs to the continent of Asia and the other belongs to Europe) leaving on both sections very magnificent and beautiful views, spread on both sides of the Bosphorus many historical palaces and luxury hotels in addition to a number of old residential projects and a very limited number of new projects, creating investment opportunities that can never lose even a part of their importance.


Before we start reviewing some Istanbul projects with a sea view, we will mention the general features of Istanbul:

1. Istanbul includes a wide range of options with sea views, starting from the charming Bosphorus Strait, passing by views of the Princess Islands, to open sea views at the Sea of Marmara along the coastline, which alone includes more than 15 new projects.

2. The prices are suitable for all budgets, as it is possible to get an apartment with a sea view, two rooms and a hall under construction at prices close to 100.000 $, and the same apartment, if it has a direct view of the Bosphorus, can have a price of more than 1.000.000 $, which in turn is considered as an encouraging factor for all those who wish for housing or investment.

3. Diversity is not only in terms of views and prices, but also in terms of the goal for which the purchase of a property is required, as most investment properties near the Bosphorus are concentrated on both sides, and even properties with a view of the Marmara Sea but near the strait carry an investment value. This, of course, is due to the fact that the Bosphorus is the center of the city, and in any city in the world, the closer to the center, the property is of better investment value, especially for new properties. As for those wanting a quiet life, there are suitable options on the coasts of the Marmara Sea along the coastline from Zeytinburnu to Beylikduzu. For those wishing to have summer apartments in the heart of nature and near the sea, the Buyukcekmece area in the European section and the Kartal area in the Asian section represents the ideal solution.

4. Most of the new projects, whether ready to move or under construction, provide appropriate payment plans in two or three years' instalments.


Now let's start with the first-level properties on both sides of the Bosphorus, after a simple definition of the geographical importance of the strait:

·         The Bosphorus is the second most important trait in the world after the Dover Strait, which separates England and France, and 48.000 transport ships pass through the Bosphorus every year, equivalent to 132 ships per day, except for inland transport, fishing, ceremonial ships, and restaurants.

·         The Bosphorus Strait has military historical importance as well, as control over it was the decisive factor in the Turkish-Russian war in 1877 and also during World War I in 1915 when the Allied forces attacked the Dardanelles Strait separating the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

·         Geographically, the Bosphorus Strait, with a length of 32 km, connects the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea in the shape of the letter S. The largest width is 3700 meters, while the shortest distance between its two ends is 700 meters, and the depth of water in it ranges from 36 meters to 124 meters.

·         The Bosphorus is crossed by 3 bridges and a marine tunnel (so far):

1. The Strait Bridge (now called the July 15 Martyrs Bridge), which was built in 1973.

2. Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge, built in 1988.

3. Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge, built in 2016.

4. The Eurasia tunnel is underwater, which was also opened at the end of 2016.


Now, let's start our fun journey in reviewing some projects with a sea view in Istanbul, and we will start from the projects of the Bosphorus in this article and then the projects of the Asian section of Istanbul and conclude with the projects of the European section in another article.


But what about palaces and old houses adjacent to the Bosphorus



These houses and palaces will not be able to describe their beauty and splendour in our article, but if your request is to obtain one of them and you are ready to hear their really high prices due to their historical and geographical value, contact us and we will send you customized offers about these houses and palaces.


RH 194  An elite house on the historic city walls


This project has a historical value as it is adjacent to the walls of the old city of Istanbul and also the interior designs of the apartments with a high ceiling give the inhabitant a sense of luxury and nobility as if he is in a royal palace with a direct sea view, and at the same time the central location of the project gives him an investment advantage as well as you can reach the square of Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Hagia Sophia, in just five minutes. As for Taksim Square, it is only 8.5 km from the project, while the Eurasia Tunnel is only 3 km from the project, so access to the Asian part of Istanbul is very easy.

As for the prices at the time of writing this article, they start for a room and a hall measuring 69 square meters from $ 275.000 and increase as the area increases and the house has a sea view at a wider angle.



After our first project and in the direction of the arrow in the map above, we have at the entrance to the Bosphorus from the European section in Istanbul the Topkapi Palace, the seat of government during the Ottoman Empire, this place from which those decisions were launched, some of which would have changed the politics of the whole world.

And then we have the monuments known to everyone, including the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Aya Sofia, also the Gulhane Park, and then we reach the Golden Horn that ends at the Eyup area, and on the second bank and we are still in the European section of Istanbul, we find the ancient Karakoy area with colourful shops. This is followed by the Besiktas area and above it the Beyoglu area, which includes the well-known Taksim Square.


It is worth noting that direct views of the Bosphorus in the European section of Istanbul are only available in old buildings and historical palaces, but we will mention here some projects in the center of Istanbul with indirect views of the Bosphorus.


RH 120 project and also the RH201 project, both of which are located in Beyoglu area, the first project is in the upscale and central Piyalepasa neighborhood, and the second project is two minutes away from Taksim Square by foot! Each of the two projects carries a very high investment value due to the privileged location full of luxury 5-star hotels.




Going up to Sisli and Mecediyekoy, we recommend two projects, one of which is under construction and the other is ready, both with views of the Bosphorus in the life and business center of Sisli.


RH 80 project in Sisli Bomonti is an under-construction project that achieved the highest growth rates of investor profits for the years 2019 and 2020 and if you are interested in investing you can read our previous article about the project

Prices for this project start from $ 236.000 at the moment of writing the article for the first time.




RH 249 project is modern Sisli towers with very luxurious and sophisticated design with large areas, as it is possible to get an apartment/office room and lounge with an area starting from 117 square meters.

Prices start from 350.000 $ in this project.



Our tour cannot be completed without going to Nisantasi and talking about the Ritz Carlton residence project, which is the most luxurious location in all of Istanbul in Teşvikiye area that is a walking distance from the well-known shopping street in Nisantasi, originality and history meet in this place with the presence of dozens of luxury international brands such as: Hugo Boss, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Prada, Hermès, Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna and Dior.
This, in turn, gives a unique shopping experience throughout every month of the year. 
The investment significance of this project can be summed up in just two words: The-Ritz Carlton residence and Nişantaşı.
For more information about this project: Ritz-Carlton Apartments for Sale in Nisantasi, Istanbul 

And approaching again to the Bosphorus Strait and completely at the first Istanbul Bridge, we find Zorlu mall and Center residential commercial complex with charming views very close to the Bosphorus, but for this level of luxury the price per square meter will be 15.000 $, and therefore a 100 square meter apartment its price reaches 1.500.000 $.



And between the first bridge and the second bridge in the European section, we find an extension of the Besiktas area to meet the Sariyer municipality at Bebek, which includes many villas and palaces with direct views of the Bosphorus, this style of luxury life perfectly suits celebrities, politicians, well-known actors and big business owners.

There is currently one project in this section with a Bosphorus view in Maslak area, which is RH 345 near Istinye Park Mall and Axis Mall on one side with views of the Bosphorus and on the other hand with a view of Belgrade forests extending to the far north of Istanbul at the Black Sea, and near this project is the famous Vadi Istanbul Mall, on the west side, and under the project itself there is a mall full service.
The Bosphorus, Belgrade Forests, 3 malls, the upscale location in Maslak, and the proximity to two major metro stations, so this project is one of the best options for the towers overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and it has really competitive prices for the services provided by this project.
For more information, please contact our consulting team to share with you a video of real apartments with their views.

And after the second bridge the large municipality of Sariyer extends and gradually green spaces begin to increase at the expense of construction and urbanization. We pass here by the Emirgan Park, which houses the annual Tulip Festival, which is popular with tourists from all over the world.


It is worth noting that the European section of the Bosphorus includes a huge number of cafes, restaurants and luxury hotels from its beginning at the Golden Horn to the third Istanbul Bridge, which marks the end of construction until the present time and there is at the end of the Bosphorus of the European section Marmaracik National Park.



Now we will move to the Asian section of the Bosphorus, and we will conclude our article here to talk about the projects with a sea view in another article.


The Asian section of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus, starts at Kadikoy, which is a vital area that includes many active markets and has an integrated infrastructure of metro and tramway lines, as well as transport buses that connect all neighbourhoods to each other. The Eurasian tunnel connects between the European side at Zeytinburnu and the Asian side at the separating road between Kadikoy and Uskudar.


RH 184 project is located only 3 minutes from the Eurasian Tunnel and one minute from the metro station, as well as the beginning of the Metrobus line, in addition to its strategic location overlooking the Bosphorus and the Princess Islands, and is also located on the road connecting to the Atasehir area, which is the business center in the Asian section of Istanbul.


The project includes 5 residential blocks in addition to an indoor mall consisting of five floors and a final building that represents offices consisting of two floors.



Before moving to Uskudar, the most popular and famous area on the Asian side, we will answer a question that surely crossed your mind, which is why there are no new projects with a completely direct view of the Bosphorus?


Historical scholars believe that Istanbul was inhabited in 3000 BC and therefore the total cumulative age of its civilization is more than 5000 years, and therefore it is natural during the succession of civilizations that the banks of the Bosphorus be exploited, whether in the European or Asian section, by building the most beautiful palaces and villas and with the passage of time these buildings were renewed. Several times until it has remained to our time constituting a masterpiece of a transient from the Bosphorus. Also, we have to realize that the cost of obtaining a stand-alone villa completely adjacent to the banks of the Bosphorus will cost at least several millions of dollars.


But for those wishing to have an apartment very close to the Bosphorus in a new project, we can offer RH248.



Here in this project, the nobility of the past meets the luxury of the present to give you the opportunity to live in a fully serviced residential complex that is only several meters away from the Bosphorus water. This project is located in the Uskudar area, which is well known, and it is the destination of tourists in the Asian part of Istanbul, to live in Uskudar means that you are close to everything, two metro and bus lines to various Asian areas of Istanbul in addition to being close to the sea ferry that provides transportation services to the European side from Istanbul periodically. As for the views in the project, we have the Bosphorus Strait and the first and second Istanbul Bridge, in addition to the proximity to the Maiden Tower, this architectural masterpiece moored over the Bosphorus waters.


If you want to have a house in Uskudar and do not want to spend a budget of more than a million dollars, then the RH 186 project, with its few remaining options, is the most suitable option for you. To live in this project means you are only 7 minutes away from Uskudar coastline on foot. Also, the project includes integrated services and a large shopping center inside it, in addition to its central location, through which it facilitates access to the different parts of Istanbul, Asia, or even crossing to the European section of Istanbul by a suspension bridge, Marmaray metro, Eurasian tunnel or by sea ferry, are not these options really many?



The Asian section of the Bosphorus bank is characterized by being with more green areas than the European and less infrastructure. The population is also less and therefore it is intended for tourism and hiking. The old palaces and luxury villas in addition to the restaurants and cafes continue up from Uskudar until we reach the Beykoz area parallel to Sariyer in the European section, and here we will get to know our last project in this article, and we will mention the projects with a sea view in another article.



RH 228 project in Beykoz area is considered one of the best projects suitable for summer and hiking with a view of the Bosphorus and with American design and division with large terraces suitable for barbecues, the project is ready for housing immediately and has a very perfect and beautiful finish, in addition to ornamental gardens, internal waterfalls, and integrated recreational facilities. Multiple options are available at the present time, ranging from a room and a hall to duplex apartments, and also includes a number of villas with vegetated surfaces, which gives the project more luxury and beauty.


To get acquainted with any residential or investment opportunity, whether in these projects that we have mentioned in any other project that you like, Right Home provides its consulting services for free to you. You just have to contact us.







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