Real estate prices in istanbul : updated guide 2022

Real estate prices in istanbul : updated guide 2022

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Real estate prices in Istanbul 2022

As it’s Known prices of the apartments in Istanbul are one of the main factors that investors care about in particular. Besides, considering the great interest in owning apartments in Turkey in recent years, especially with the several advantages that can be benefited from when buying an apartment or any other property, and the ongoing government facilities for the procedures of owning a property as well as obtaining Turkish citizenship. Hence, in this article, we will present the updated 2022 guide to apartment prices in Istanbul.

Real estate prices in Istanbul and the factors affecting its prices

The prices of real estate in Istanbul and Turkey in general, compared to other neighboring European countries, have always been a key factor to attract investors from all over the world, especially Arab investors as it's a lucrative opportunity since it is possible to buy an apartment for $ 100,000 in one of the highly prestigious tourist sites in Turkey, in addition to the possibility of achieving High returns from owing a property in Istanbul with the high surge in real estate prices, which vary from time to time. The following are the factors that affect apartment prices in Istanbul and Turkey:

• The importance and the nature of Istanbul

Each of the Turkish cities has advantages that make it unique compared to other cities, and this mainly determines the prices of real estate in Istanbul. Turkey is well-known by the presence of many tourist attractions in it, for example, Istanbul, where there is a distinctive group of natural places represented by beaches and green areas, which makes the prices of real estate in Istanbul considerably high compared to other cities such as Trabzon, Bursa, and Antalya, where none of them are less important than the city of Istanbul in terms of the mesmerizing nature and its attraction to tourists and the prices of properties, whereas the inner cities such as Konya and Gaziantep, the prices of apartments in them are low relatively, compared to the main cities.

• The location of the property and in which city

There are many factors related to the location of the property and the city in which it’s found, which highly affect its price, the most important of which is the location of the apartments to the tourist places, such as the seas, parks or various archaeological sites, in addition to its closeness to public transportation and the airport, as well as its distance from the center of the city. Likewise, having an apartment with sea views or green areas is a crucial element when talking about the prices of apartments in Istanbul.

• The area of ​​the property in Istanbul

The area of the real estate is one of the most essential factors that control the prices of apartments in Istanbul, as the number of rooms in the apartment, and the number of toilets and bathrooms, can raise the financial value of the apartments or decrease their price significantly.

• Specifications of real estate in Istanbul

The specifications directly determine the prices of apartments in Istanbul in Saudi riyals, dollars, or lira, and these specifications include the area of ​​the apartment in addition to the number of living rooms in it, as well as the number of balconies, taking into account the number of bathrooms, furthermore, the floor number in which the apartment is located, and when it will be ready for housing as well as the date on which the apartment will be finalized, as well as the year in which it was established.

Average prices of real estate in Istanbul according to each region

It can be said that roughly 100,000 US dollars are a reasonable price to own an apartment in Istanbul, in the meanwhile, when apartment prices are low in Turkey compared to other neighbouring countries, especially in European. Moreover, it is expected that the real estate sector in Turkey will witness continuous growth in the forthcoming periods, especially with the continuous demand by foreign and Arab investors, in light of the constant expectations of more profits, and the following are the average prices of apartments in Istanbul according to each region:

• Prices of apartments in Al-Fateh

The Al-Fateh area is considered one of the distinguished areas in Istanbul, as it gives its investors multiple advantages. The first benefit is that it's a tourist attraction area that is constantly in demand from tourists, in addition to being located in the heart of the city, which makes it a constantly vital center, On top of that, the availability of all basic services in it, whether in the sector Health, educational or commercial. The prices of apartments in Istanbul in dollars are expected to touch the ceiling of 342 thousand dollars, while it is possible to obtain an apartment with distinctive specifications in Al-Fateh for 244,244 thousand dollars.

• Prices of apartments in Basaksehir

The Basaksehir area is one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul, and it is one of the first places that is talked about when asked about the prices of apartments in Istanbul in Saudi riyals or US dollars, as it is classified as a vital area in European Istanbul, and the average prices for apartments in which there are three Bedrooms are about 250 thousand dollars.

• Prices of apartments in Taksim

The prices of apartments in Istanbul considerably vary, especially in Taksim, and this is due to its different location and the distinctive views that the apartments in it are overlooking, which makes their specifications suitable for different tastes, as the average prices of apartments in Taksim, located in the European section of Istanbul, are approximately 400 thousand US dollars.

• Prices of apartments in Esenyurt

Esenyurt has witnessed the launch of a large number of real estate projects in recent years, and when we talk about the prices of apartments in it compared to other areas in Istanbul, we find that the price per square meter is cheaper than in other areas, which makes it a lucrative chance for anyone who wants to own a property at a reasonable price, especially it's affordable and it has a good financial return.

• Prices of apartments in the Arnavutkoy area

Arnavutkoy is perhaps one of the famous areas in European Istanbul, as it is characterized by a charming rural character. In recent years, several real-estate projects have established what makes the investors seek to invest there, as the prices of apartments in Arnavutkoy are cheaper compared to other areas in Istanbul.

• Prices of apartments in Istanbul in dollars and Saudi riyals

The prices of apartments in Istanbul vary from one region to another, as well as from one currency to another, as the value of the US dollar differs from the value of the riyal. For example, 100,000 USD can buy a good apartment in Istanbul which equals 375758.40-riyal Saudi which opens the way for Arab investors from various Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, to own the best apartments in Istanbul.

The best real estate projects in Istanbul from Right Home

Right Home Real Estate offers a prestigious group of projects that are suitable for purchasing apartments, as the prices of apartments vary from one project to another based on the factors we’ve mentioned before, and the following are a group of distinctive projects that you can check:

• A boutique project with a family concept near the Bosphorus.

• Ideal homes for families in Beylikduzu.

• A residential and investment project, two minutes from the sea.

• A residential and investment project located on the European side of Istanbul.


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What are the prices of apartments in Istanbul?

The prices of apartments in Istanbul vary from one region to another, and the prices are determined based on many criteria, including: location, area, finishes, building age, and other criteria.

What is the price of apartments in Turkey?

There is no unified price for apartments in Turkey, but an apartment can be obtained at a price of 100 thousand dollars in Istanbul, and an apartment can be obtained at a lower or higher price as well.

Is real estate investment in Turkey profitable?

Indeed, investing in Turkey is profitable and reliable in order to achieve high financial returns.

Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

Because he can achieve a high financial return, whether through resale after a period of time from the purchase, or through leasing and achieving a fixed monthly income, in addition to the continuous rise in real estate prices.

How to invest your money in Turkey?

There are many types of investment that can be relied upon when investing in Turkey, and perhaps the most prominent of these types is real estate investment, which has achieved high growth over the past years, and can be invested in in multiple ways, whether by purchasing residential, commercial or agricultural properties.

Is investing in Turkey safe?

Yes, it can be said that investing in Turkey is safe, as there is no great risk in it, and it achieves guaranteed results most of the time, with a profit margin that is usually high.